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 Gundam F90 (Kit Gathering e2046)

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Inscripción : 02/01/2013
Edad : 17
Localización : Hong Kong

MensajeTema: Gundam F90 (Kit Gathering e2046)    Mar 20 Ago - 10:08

The first suit of the Strategic Naval Research Institute's "Formula Project." The F90 Gundam F90 was a down scaled mobile suit, standing at only 14.8 meters compared to the RX-78-2 Gundam, which stood at 18 meters. Although the F90 was given a standard armament of a beam rifle, two beam sabers, and a solid shield, the unit was also given numerous hardpoints. These hardpoints allowed the F90 to take on external equipment for various roles in combat. The Gundam could be equipped with as many as 26 different configurations, meaning the F90 could be equipped for anything from heavy assault and support fire to underwater combat and atmospheric reentry. The configurations made the F90 one of the most versatile mobile suits of its time.

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Gundam F90 (Kit Gathering e2046)

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